Have you ever watched a recording tutorial that was filmed at a big studio?

They teach out of million dollar recording studios, use perfect drums, and use a huge recording console that is often hard to related to for viewers at home.

How are you going to learn if you can’t relate to what they are doing?

How are you supposed to do the same thing in a bedroom?

This is Creative Sound Lab.

There are no mics that costs above $1000 in our courses.

No big recording consoles.

No acoustically designed rooms.

We are real world. Blue collar.

Everything is repeatable in your recording space, with your gear.


My name is Ryan Earnhardt creator of the YouTube video show, and recording school Creative Sound Lab. I started creating tutorials because I got tired of seeing videos of computer screens, or a bunch of talking. Those shows are cool, but I wanted to actually teach concepts and techniques.

I wanted to let others hear the concepts. Not just talk about it.

Everything is hands on, meaning that you can finally learn the concepts from real life audio demos and examples. At the time I started, it was a revolutionary way to make recording tutorials.

Just like my YouTube channel, all of my courses are packed with techniques you can repeat at home. Creative Sound Lab has earned the trust of over 500,000 viewers, and with this same production style, I have continued to create high end recording courses.

The techniques that I teach and the quality of my tutorials are respected by big brands such as Rode, Warm Audio, and more.

Here’s what Rode Microphones had to say about Creative Sound Lab: