This course will conquer these issues: The vocal does not sound full or "In your face" because of phase problems The acoustic guitar sounds thin and you are not sure how to fix it The recordings have a "Boxy" sound…

Ryan's new approach to drum recording is a technique that uses 5 simple concepts, that are adjustable, to that work in any musical genre and type of drum sound.

The course covers several concepts for achieving sounds, such as what to listen for while selecting microphones, how to position the microphone, and how to use multiple microphones for kick and snare for maximum control during mixing.

Drum tuning cost nothing, but gives you huge results if you know how to do it right, and can give you a huge upgrade to your recordings without having to upgrade gear. Tuning is the key to becoming a master of recording drums.

A comprehensive course on drum recording, that covers how to record drums in all types of rooms, musical styles, and types of drum sets.