A comprehensive course on drum recording, that covers how to record drums in all types of rooms, musical styles, and types of drum sets.

Ryan's new approach to drum recording is a technique that uses 5 simple concepts, that are adjustable, to that work in any musical genre and type of drum sound.

4 Week Course - Each week you receive: Raw tracks to mix, video tutorials (2-3 hours of tutorials each week), and a weekly 10 Point Mix Review. A great way to improve your mixing!

A detailed look at the top 7 overhead configurations, and advanced concepts such as how to pair overhead configurations for various types of music, and sizes of drum kits. The major types of overhead set ups are explained in detail, with audio demos.

Would you like some feedback on a recording or a mix? The Mix Review is a 10 point review of any song that you send. Within 3 days you will receive my 10 point review, typed on a PDF document.

This 4 video course is like a manifesto of my methods and principles that use. I give my best advice on four areas that gave me "My sound": How I record, where I found my instruments, how I use effects, and how I mix.

Would you like some help planning your next session with equipment that you have? This product is a one time payment for email support (Up to 3 reply emails) and my Pre-session Guide and Checklists.

This is one of my first courses I created about how to use tuning, and muffling to transform a cheep drum set into a good sounding drum set.

Drum tuning cost nothing, but gives you huge results if you know how to do it right, and can give you a huge upgrade to your recordings without having to upgrade gear. Tuning is the key to becoming a master of recording drums.